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The Aerodrome Project

The first of its kind in Africa

We are working on the “FreeMe Wildlife Aerodrome” project at FreeMe Wildlife in Howick.

This continuous flight aviary is designed to build fitness, not only in pursuit hunting birds of prey, but all large raptors, to best prepare them for release back into the wild. This project is the first of its kind in Africa.

This facility is available to any birds originating from anywhere across KZN. We cover the whole of KwaZulu-Natal with the work we do in Professional, science-based, wildlife rehabilitation, and often collect compromised birds from far-off regions to rehabilitate and return for release once recovered.

We collaborate with “The Bateleurs” who will fly any compromised birds to our facility in an emergency from anywhere across KZN.

We can now handle large numbers of large birds, which is particularly useful should there be any large tragedies such as vulture poisonings (critically endangered species), which are becoming more common today.
Our team at FreeMe Wildlife is fully trained in this regard and has handled all large birds of prey, and large numbers of bird disasters effectively, such as the rescue and release of 2000 Amur Falcons in 2019 after hailstorms devastated their roost sites.

We have already secured sponsorship of the planking, poles, and slide rails for doors, and the building has started with the levelling of the foundation, the throwing of the cement for the foundation walls, and the poles being planted. 

Please see the list of materials we still need to complete the project. 


If you are able to help with materials, donate to the project, or get involved, please contact us through the contact form below:


What We Need:

If you are able to assist in any of the areas listed below, please get in touch via the Project Support Pledge contact form 

  • Shade cloth 4 x 50m x 3m 80% shade cloth = R12 000.00
  • Stone 19mm x 10m3 = R5 000.00
  • Sand Umgeni x 10m3 = R5 500.00
  • Transport = R1 500
  • 30 bags cement = R2 500.00
  • 11 x 6m x 760mm IBR roof sheeting = R8 400.00
  • 25 x 6m x 12mm round bar = R3 750.00
  • 11 x marine plywood sheets 1.2m x 2.4m = R19 800.00
  • Roof arches and support struts (price pending)
  • TOTAL: R58 450.00