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FreeMe Zululand

Zululand Project Background There is a very real need for a professional wildlife rehabilitation and research centre focused on smaller endangered species to be established in the Zululand area of Kwazulu-Natal. While there are dedicated centres for the larger species (such as rhino) smaller species (such as vultures) do not have local centres dedicated to […]


Aerodrome Project The first of its kind in Africa We are working on the “FreeMe Wildlife Aerodrome” project at FreeMe Wildlife in Howick. This continuous flight aviary is designed to build fitness, not only in pursuit hunting birds of prey, but all large raptors, to best prepare them for release back into the wild. This […]


The Tortoise Project FREEME Wildlife, A Rocha South Africa, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, and other interested parties are involved in a collaborative effort to reintroduce tortoises back into the wild. Presently legislation does not allow for the release of tortoises that have been kept in captivity back into the wild. On one hand this is to protect […]

Islands Of Hope

Islands Of Hope ‘Pursuing the Unification of Knowledge’ Contextual knowledge is knowing how the pieces of a puzzle fit together; the ability to see the bigger picture… we all need to work off a foundation of contextual knowledge, in order to inspire an educated and engaging empathy for our wildlife and our environment. A common […]