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Islands Of Hope

‘Pursuing the Unification of Knowledge’

Contextual knowledge is knowing how the pieces of a puzzle fit together; the ability to see the bigger picture… we all need to work off a foundation of contextual knowledge, in order to inspire an educated and engaging empathy for our wildlife and our environment.

A common problem for people from all walks of life (including those in the wildlife industry) is a lack of exposure to diverse life experiences. This results very often in linear solutions that don’t take into account a broader perspective of the problems. The greater our understanding of the human condition, the better our wildlife conservation strategies will be. In order to do this we need to engage with a diverse range of people who share the same value and vision for business and conservation synergy, and in so doing grow ecological intelligence and energy.

At FREEME Wildlife we believe in working together to enrich lives; individuals, communities, organisations and countries alike can work together to add value, both to one another, and to the natural world around us. We are leading the field in changing the approach and thinking regarding conservation and preservation of wildlife, and we are doing this through a willingness to embrace the knowledge and experience of people who know more than us, and an openness in sharing our own knowledge and experience with those who seek it, and in so doing, we are building ‘Islands of Hope’.

‘Islands of Hope’

The Islands of Hope concept promotes collaboration to respond to the needs of wildlife and the environment in our own communities. From the child exploring their own back yard to the members creating a new conservancy, an appreciation and protection for wildlife and natural areas is not limited to the confines of big game reserves.

Any individual, community, organisation or country can form a haven for wildlife, preventing the degradation of natural habitats and the species within, and allowing wildlife to flourish in a protected environment. No matter how big or small these preservation pockets of our natural world may be, they create a ripple effect by becoming the source and supply of wildlife that can repopulate other protected areas.

Join FREEME Wildlife in inspiring love and appreciation for our wildlife; from the smallest insect to the largest elephant. Cultivate an understanding of the environment: its ebbs and flows, trials and triumphs. Embrace the role of humans in the ecology of nature and life. Engage and collaborate with one another; neighbors, land owners, businesses and specialists. Optimize the management and preservation of habitats that support the growth of species diversity within them. Open hearts to the bigger picture, pursue the unification of knowledge, and become to our communities and our wildlife, an Island of Hope…

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