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Due to the specialized nature of our center we cannot accept any volunteers under the age of 18 years old. Your own transport is essential.

You will need to be a FreeMe Wildlife Custodian before being accepted as a volunteer.

Exceptions to the age limit may be made for students wanting to attend a work experience or do community service.

Please bear in mind that activities are restricted for biosecurity and safety reasons. In-house training and protective equipment will be supplied. All volunteers are expected to have tetanus and rabies inoculations for their own safety.

Volunteer duties include daily tasks such as cleaning, feeding, and maintenance. Your job will be to provide any assistance needed to the rehabilitators on duty.

We do not take on short-term volunteers due to the amount of time it takes for staff to do training. Your value as a volunteer increases only once you understand the layout, staff, and workings of the Center, and can undertake basic duties without supervision or instruction.

For applications and enquiries, please email: Or email us via our Contact Form