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The Solar Project

As the electricity crisis and ‘load shedding’ increases in South Africa, our compromised wildlife patients are at increasing risk, particularly with the cold winter months approaching.

Many of our compromised neonates rely on warmth to survive. With no mothers to keep them warm, their body temperatures drop drastically without an external heat source. Depending on the species, these external heat sources can take the form of incubators, heaters, red lights, heating pads, and even ‘wheatie bags’ warmed in a microwave.

Added to this, hot water for water bottles, milk formulas, subcutaneous fluids, and cleaning wounds is affected as our geysers and kettles rely on electricity to heat up.

Moving our Centre on to solar power is critical to avoid the unnecessary loss of life that the current electricity crisis is causing.

Please help us reach our goal of going solar. Not only is this clean, renewable energy source more environmentally friendly, but it will literally make the difference between life and death for many of our vulnerable, young, and severely compromised wildlife patients.

We have already been sponsored half of the costs of installing solar. Please help us raise the rest.