The Custodianship Program


The Custodianship Program is designed to support the running of our rehabilitation center, and allows people who support our work to be more closely involved. The join up fee for the program goes directly to the running costs of our center, but in return for their support our Custodians get benefits no other members of the public do.

As a Custodian you will receive:

  • Invites to all FreeMe Wildlife events
  • Discounts on selected courses and merchandise
  • Our monthly newsletter
  • A certificate of appreciation (and wall plaque for Corporates)
  • A section 18A certificate to claim your donation back from tax


Sign up to become a Custodian in three easy steps:

Step 1 – Download and fill in the Custodian Application Form with your selected Custodian membership level

Step 2 – Make a payment for your selected Custodian membership level using your name as reference

Step 3 – Email the form and proof of payment to: